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Eurolines FAQ

Who are Eurolines?

The brand name Eurolines comprises 29 independent coach companies operating together to offer Europe's largest regular coach network. This network connects over 600 destinations, covering the whole of the continent. In Ireland, Bus Éireann (Irish Bus) is the Eurolines operating company. Eurolines allows travel from Galway to Moscow and from Helsinki to Cadiz. The Eurolines members offer the most competitive fares with no hidden extras. Sea crossings, travel taxes and road tolls are all included in the price. Most Eurolines services bring you directly to the centre of your destination city. No need to pay expensive transfers. The Eurolines organisation developed for all its members common quality standards. We use modern coaches with reclining seats, large picture windows, washroom facilities and comfortable legroom. All services are non-smoking.

Why travel with Eurolines?
  • Most competitive fares with no hidden extras
  • No travel tax
  • Modern fleet of coaches
  • City centre to city centre for easy onward travel
  • Reclining seats with extra legroom
  • 2 medium suitcases free of charge
  • Services convenient for English soccer matches
Where can I book a Eurolines ticket?

In the Republic of Ireland, you can book on-line at, at a Bus Éireann travel centre (during opening hours) or through a travel agent. Outside of Ireland, just log on to and select your country of departure for local booking details.

Do I need to make a booking to travel on a Eurolines service?

Yes you must book your journey before you travel. Use one of the ways outlined above.

What type of coach will I be travelling in?

All services are operated by modern air-conditioned coaches with reclining seats with good leg-room. There will be a toilet on-board and the majority of coaches will have free wifi. There will be generous leg-room on the coaches. Your coach should be clean and well presented and should display the Eurolines logo prominently. If it does not, please do let us know. Please remember to wear your seat belt at all times when the coach is moving.

Can I use domestic Bus Éireann services in Ireland to connect with my Eurolines service?

Yes, because Bus Éireann is the Eurolines partner in Ireland we can offer you connecting bus and coach services using our nationwide network as part of your Eurolines ticket - as long as the correct fare category is chosen by you. For example you can book to travel from Galway (in Ireland) to Manchester (in England). The first part of your journey will be aboard a Bus Éireann Expressway coach (on our domestic route 20). At Dublin Busaras, you must then change to the relevant Eurolines service (in this case service 880 to Manchester/Leeds). You may use any available route 20 departure from Galway to make this connection as long as it arrives in good time for the 880 Eurolines service departure in Dublin.

What are my rights as a passenger?

EU Regulation 181/2011 provides for a minimum set of rights for passengers travelling by bus and coach services within the European Union. A summary of these rights is available

Should I have travel insurance?

Eurolines strongly advises all passengers to take out adequate travel insurance. Some Eurolines member companies offer the facility to purchase travel insurance at the same time as the ticket purchase.

When buying my ticket from Eurolines, who is my agreement (terms and conditions) with?

Eurolines is a federation of highly respected coach operators across Europe operating under a united Eurolines brand. The country where a passenger books a ticket determines which Eurolines company a passenger’s travel contract is with. For example, if a passenger makes their booking in the Republic of Ireland, their contract is under the terms and conditions of Bus Éireann/Eurolines.

Are there child fares available?

Yes. On services from Ireland, child fares are applicable to those between 2 years and 12 years of age. Infant fares as shown in the fare tables are applicable to those under 2 years.

Are persons under 16 allowed to travel on their own?

No. Persons under 16 years are not permitted to travel on any service unless accompanied by an adult over 18 years of age. Persons between the ages of 16 and 18 years travelling alone must be in possession of a letter of authority from a parent or guardian.

Do I need to check-in before departure?

Passengers should arrive at stops or bus stations in good time. At larger station such as Busáras in Dublin and Victoria Coach Station in London, please be there 30 minutes before the scheduled coach departure. Check-in is generally organised by the driver of your coach. At London Victoria check-in is at the Eurolines desk in the station.

How do I seek a refund on tickets purchased online?

Applications for refunds of Eurolines tickets bought online should be emailed to the Bus Éireann Eurolines Team before the departure date. Please see Eurolines conditions of carriage for further information.

Where do I put my luggage and how much can I bring?

Luggage other than hand luggage must be stored in the luggage compartments (boots) of the coach. Each adult passenger is allowed a maximum of two medium sized suitcases or bags free of charge – each item not exceeding 80 x 70 x 20 cm in size and 15 kg in weight. In addition one small item of hand luggage, capable of fitting in an overhead luggage rack or under a seat is permitted. It is the responsibility of each passenger to present personally their luggage for customs and/or security examination when required. All luggage must be labelled and is carried at owner’s risk. Medication, money, travel/identity documents and other valuable items must not be carried in luggage but should be carried on the person at all times. Hand luggage must not be left unaccompanied in the coach during the ferry crossing or at refreshment stops. Additional luggage including bulky or heavy items will not be carried due to weight and space restrictions.

Are seats allocated?

Seats are not individually allocated. You may sit anywhere on the coach provided the seat is free.

Can I take my wheelchair onboard a Eurolines coach?

Yes. Passengers must provide their own non-electric, folding wheelchair which will be stored in the coaches' luggage compartment when on the move.

Can I smoke or drink alcohol when on-board the coach?

No. A no smoking and no alcohol consumption policy operates on all services while aboard the coach.

What will happen at the port?

Passengers will generally be asked to leave the coach with their luggage and walk through a security check at the ports. They will then rejoin the coach which will drive onto the ferry. Once safely on the ferry, passengers should bring the items they will need while on the ferry with them when they leave the coach. The coach will be locked during the crossing. Please remember to rejoin your coach on the car deck when the ferry arrives at the port. At Holyhead port in Wales, there will be a Eurolines travel supervisor available to assist you if required.

Are there comfort stops on the journey?

All Eurolines journeys to and from Ireland include a scheduled passenger comfort stop in England of approximately 45 minutes duration. These are taken at motorway service areas with food and toilet facilities available. At comfort stops, it is essential that all passengers re-board the coach at the time specified by the driver; failure to do so may result in the coach departing without those passengers who do not return to the coach by the specified time. Your coach will also have a toilet on-board.

Are there meals provided during the journey?

No not while you are on the coach. However, there is an excellent choice of food and beverages available on the ferry.

Is there free wifi on board Eurolines coaches?

Yes the majority of coaches operating to and from Ireland on Eurolines services have free wifi.

Are there plug sockets on the coaches to charge electronic devices?

Not on the majority of coaches. However, there are charging points available on board the ferry.

Is there an emergency contact number for Eurolines?

Yes the number in Great Britain is 08717 818178. In Ireland, the numbers are 017032573 or 018366111.